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Three other teammates and I were hired by Barista Valet to redesign and evaluate the current user experience of their service. As a team, we went through the UX process that resulted in the optimization of an increased friendliness of their service.


Research: User interviews, analysis, feature prioritization, Service blueprint & more. 


Ideation: Design Studio & sketching wireframes 


Design: Prototyping, Usability testing, report & more

3 weeks - Full-time
Product strategy | UX design
Clickup | Figma | Maze

Barista Valet is a food and beverage service, creating the cafe experience at your convenience. They utilize coffeehouse ghost kitchens & serve residential and commercial communities. 



Research & Define


Analyze & Ideate


Design & Refine

The Challenge

How might we create a conveniently delivered cafe experience that saves users’ time, without compromising quality?

Why Redesign?

Barista Valet’s application isn’t sustaining enough users who actively use the app or apply to their subscription plans. Their objective is to reduce the churn rate by improving the existing checkout experience, applying add-ons, & feedback from individuals about the product.

Goals of Research

  • Focus on reducing churn
  • Create a seamless checkout flow 
  • Make adding & changing items easier 
  • Portray the roasters story
  • Pathway for customer feedback 
  • Increase virality within the community

Feature Overview

Customer Feedback + 
Adjust Schedule

We developed push notifications and customer feedback modal.  We also added an edit button to allow customers to subtract or add to recurring orders seamlessly

Customize Orders

Through interviews and testing, users wanted the ability to try new beverages and mix options up. We redesigned the recurring schedule and their ability to adjust what’s upcoming.

Featured Roasters

To build BV’s credibility, we designed a roaster's spotlight. It’s important for their audience to see where their coffee is coming from and see past roasters.

Pause Deliveries

To retain customers and keep them from canceling indefinitely, we designed a way to seamlessly pause deliveries within the app.


The development behind our rational decisions – what did we validate to arrive at our design?

empathy (4).png
validation (1).png


Understand Users, Define Pain Points, Develop Empathy


User Interviews + Synthesis
Affinity map
User Journey
Service Blueprint

Business Model Canvas
Competitive & comparative Matrix
Feature analysis
Data Analysis

User Interviews

​We spoke to subscribed customers, & past customers with Barista Valet, then general users who either drink coffee or have subscription services to understand their stories.

Their experiences provide an
opportunity for us to establish empathy for our users, and help us to define potential pain points. 



Users find value in convenience & ordering multiple drinks at the fixed price point.


Customers value the ability to have set orders and easily change them.


Quick issue resolution leads to customer loyalty


Delivery & convenience add value, so consumers will pay more.

Meet Stephen, our Persona

Personastephen_3x (7).png

Stephen, our imaginary customer,  is looking for value in a coffee subscription that satisfies his usage and can reduce time spent on purchasing food and beverages.

Stephen's Journey

As we walk through Stephen's journey we see he has encountered a couple of frustrations that interfere with his morning routine:

Presentation User Journey.png
Group 13902 (3).png

Service Blueprint

This service blueprint visualizes the existing process and the correlation between the user experience and the system that supports it.  This includes user actions, what they experience as a result, internal system steps, and other behind-the-scenes touch points.

Brainstorm, innovate and sketch

Design Studio

To prep for design studio we conducted 2 types of feature prioritization maps then focused on the 5 most critical features for our client, followed by 3 secondary features.

Critical Features
  • Add-ons/Check out flow

  • Roaster Feature of the week

  • Push notifications/Reminders

  • Product Reviews

  • Plan language & Pausing subscription

Secondary Features
  • Delivery tracking

  • Referral codes

  • Order and billing history


Based on our insights from design studio with our client, we created a total of 19 screens targeting the initial goals and primary features our client needed.

Explore, critique, and refine

Mid-fidelity Exploration

Visualizing the redesign concept for further discussion exploration, and usability testing.

High-fidelity Exploration

Refinement and visual exploration.

1 Nef Nef Mobile_P5_hero_3x.png

Finalized High-fidelity Designs and Complete Flow

Full walk-through of our design flow.

Hifi Exploration flow

Testing +
Success Metrics

Findings + Insights + Future recommendations

Findings from Usability testing

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.29.41 AM.png

We completed 3 rounds of testing across 4 design iterations (the first being the existing Barista Valet app). In the first and third rounds, we did both moderated and unmoderated testing, which allowed us to get a great sample size of participants.

We gave participants 4 tasks that a typical BV user like Stephen would want to do:

  1. Check their Friday order

  2. Adjust their recurring order

  3. Find the featured roaster of the week

  4. Pause deliveries while out of town

users had 25% increased success finding their order & schedule with our redesigned navigation.
users success increased by 40% when adjusting their order, and we reduced misclicks by 24%

We improved users’ ability to find the roaster of the week by 38%

Metric possibilities

Using the Google Heart Framework as a starting point, we identified three key metrics to track the success of our redesign: 

  • Adoption - Understand if the value prop resonates with customers. -reflected in sign-up conversations and monthly signups.

  • Engagement - Ensure our designs engage customers and encourage them to order regularly — and order a variety of items.


  • Retention - Our designs must help promote retention and keep churn low through regular logins and repeat usage/ordering.

Next Steps

  • Further usability testing and iterations to the designs

  • Offering incentives for customer acquisition and upsell

  • Continuous updates to the community collage

  • Delivery on weekends

  • Delivery to offices

  • Delivery tracking

  • Push notifications twice a week and every Sunday

Try our Prototype!






Watch the FULL presentation below 

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